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  • Author: alc0
  • Published: 13.03.2019 13:26
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Warming up, progress, trying different picks...

Great 30 minute warm up this morning, was gladdened that it seemed like much of the "feel" of getting into the grove was available and didn't feel "cold" now some hours later as I continue with picking exercises...

The spider also WAY easier today, yet again! Starting to feel a "burn" when working the spider, which is new, probably because I'm working the three more quickly than I could before. Need to keep at it today...and then sleep on it again!

Outlines of Pebber's practice sessions, and the various exercises he demonstrates, starting to sink into my brain. Have done some experimenting around with how these could be modified in various ways, though trying to stick with the exercises as given.

I'm reevaluating what type of pick might work best for me. Previously, I've used Dunlop Nylons, 1 mm and .88 mm, because I liked how the nylon kinda "caught" on the string so I'd feel where it was...

One advantage of scalpel picking over my former method of flat-thumb tremolo picking (it seems to me) is that you achieve a sense of control from how you're working your finer motor muscles, instead of just gross twisty wrist movements. Serod picking also feels more "controlled" than tremolo picking, because the wrist movement gets "locked into" the thumb muscles as the controller...

Thus the pick "catching" to let me know "where it is" isn't advantageous anymore. So I've ordered some various Dunlop Tortex picks of various gauges, since these are smoother and flow over the strings, to try out...

To be continued...

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