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  • my first videoDateSun Jun 17, 2018 3:18 pm

    this is my first video played at 80 bpm. I`m definitely not proud of it, but I`m still looking forward to your critique.

    ~ Jiri

  • natural talentDateSun May 06, 2018 2:09 am
    Forum post by geordie1999. Topic: natural talent

    Actually, you`ve said everything I had in mind as for as occurrence of natural talent in people. Obviously, I didn`t know your personal story (and it suggest that you weren`t mediocre or just intermediate), but as you say, you lost your drive and that`s where the problem usually is. Yes, life often gets in the way, but my point is that you (and many others) give up and don`t do what it takes to become their best version of them as musicians. I`m still not sure why. I`m totally with you about the shred guys vs great song-writers, such as Bob Dylan. I have to say though that everything I look for in music, I can find in J.S. Bach. Everything else is a bonus, so to speak. All that said, I enjoy a lot of musical genres, regardless of the time period. One of my favorite artists is Michael Jackson, for example. I still wonder though why so many promising, gifted players don`t have everything together in order to overcome possible boredom inherent in massive repetition (and perseverance, will-power, you name it) and see their gift to the final end and become masters of their respective art and craft. It`s still a kind of mystery to me. Maybe it is that their accomplishments prior to the real work, had come to them relatively easily. I`m really not sure to be honest.

  • natural talentDateSat May 05, 2018 4:07 am

    Hi guys! My name is Jiri (Czech Republic, Central Europe). I`m fairly new to this forum and I have been taking lessons from pebber just for two months or so. Please keep in mind that I`m not a native speaker of English, so be patient with me please. Thanks.

    My question is about your take on natural talent. I`ve read a few books like Talent Code, or Outliers that are sceptical about such a thing as natural talent in general. In my experience, on the other hand, is that some people fairly obviously show some inborn propensity for a certain activity, be it playing a musical instrument or whatever. Typically, they quickly and with little effort reach an intermediate level of skills at something and it`s not unusual that they often stop there and don`t develop any further. I guess that it`s because mastery/virtuosity involves some level of boredom, perseverance and conscious effort to reach this level and quite often these gifted people give up, because it`s not fun and easy for them anymore. I know, it sounds like a cliché, but I wonder what is this thing with reluctance, supposedly science based, to acknowledge such a thing as natural, raw talent?

    ~ Jiri

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