Holding a plectrum

Hey can anyone help me out? I want to know more about using a plectrum, I can't seem to shake some old habits and I also wanted to know if anyone thinks it is a good idea to practice multiple ways of holding it or just to use one way. I like Robben Ford and try as I might, picking up the way he holds the pick is so difficult. I know Robben was an accomplished player from a young age but that still doesn't stop me wanting to emulate his style.

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Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:03 pm


well lets start with this, ok so you said that you got old habits but you never say BAD habits, at first you need to evaluate your guitar playing, are those playing old habits in the rigth hand preventing from what you really want to play?

if your answer was yes then you have to unlearn, you must forget that you know something about your rigth hand, then start to build from start, thats the only way to get to another level, because if you stay with your old habits and then new ones yow will be just a combination of that.

i use to study guliani 120 arpeggios.
and rigth hand development for the jazz guitarist.
and gustavo assis brasil hybrid picking.

you have material for all your existence in that books just for the rigth hand.

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