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Hi Mr. Pebber, I noticed that in your website, Free Videos Section, Left Hand Technique, that there are no videos available for viewing there. Did you do this by mistake or is it because there supposed to be pay-per-view?

Also wanted to ask this... do you think I can become a good guitar player just by following your free lessons? It's not that I'm trying to be cheap or anything it's just that I can't afford anything at the time and can only spend money on school related stuff, plus I'm from Portugal which might be a issue as well.

If you do answer "Yes, you can become good by taking this free lessons." what schedule should I follow or what routine/plan should I take?

I've been playing guitar now for 3/4 months, I know some chords, power chords, no barre ones (yet?! those suckers are hard), I learned all this from the justinguitar website, but my problem is I got bored with what we was teaching and I'm in a stump and don't know what to do.

I also think I've started playing guitar really late (I'm 18 yrs old.) and think I will never be good because of my age, because kids learn faster.

Anyways, please continue doing this videos for as long as you can, as I see your a major help for anyone wanting to learn the guitar. Thank You and I gladly await your response. (Sorry for the long read).

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RE: Question

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:18 am
by student • 146 Posts

If you can get through all of his free videos you will be a freak on guitar.
Forget about worrying about your age, your here now.

Guitarists on here WAY better than me on here, including Pebber have recommended this for starting out.

For left hand, Get going on Trills immediately

When not trilling, learn his 5 position system( available for free on his homepage "lesson pdf/mp3 files" -> "guitar lesson pdf files" -> "major scales - 5 position system (basic)"

Don't listen to me
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