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in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:53 am
by Kyzik • 8 Posts

Hello forum and Pebber, I thought i might aswell start this thread to document my own personal journey (aswell to soon be documented on youtube/unlisted videos).

At the moment i am constantly trying to remind myself of using proper technique, picking angle ~40 degrees. Tips of fingers (especially pinky). Calluses are coming along nicely after not playing for 4-5 years, but i didn't play properly back then, this new start and desire is to learn properly and gain great musical abilities, being able to play back a song just from hearing it; no tabs etc..
I have alot of experience in the rhythm department as I've played drums/percussion for 4/5 years, had lessons and now self taught. I Had phenomenal teachers like Pebber Brown who open their students and me to the whole theory/practice of music.

Watching Module 1 Part 1 - I have found the exercise of playing the A minor pentatonic a starting point as I cannot keep up with Pebber around half way doing 8ths at 200bpm haha. The struggle of internet lessons :p "you all good there? ok good.. lets go faster now" - Ah bugga xD. Nah but also stated to work on it in my own time which will have to, I'm glad i've gotten great PRACTICE experience/knowledge from drums/teachers, just working at an exercise at a tempo which is clean (sound/technical wise) for perhaps a week and then bump it up 4bpm each week following.

Also learnt a fair bit with the major scales/blues/min pentatonic etc, mainly on the root positions and the related positions of the STRING to the root. Interesting. There are so many positions, and to know with scale positions even though you START on a note, it doesn't mean it is exactly the root note of that scale. E.G: 5th string Root note D (fret 5) - major scale but starting on fret 5 on the 6th String (A) then going on to 6th strings 7th fret etc , the Root note is the 4th note you get to in that major scale. Really throws a wrench at me. I'm just use to piano starting on the note you are playing the scale of usually, or one of the notes in the triad.

Back to practice ! thanks for reading/feedback :3

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RE: PB Lesson Progress

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:22 pm
by Kyzik • 8 Posts

Has anyone found some gems from practicing? and by gems, i'll give a couple examples.

- Practicing D minor scale i figured out one of the james bond theme songs.
- One of the neoclassical patterns (the most full one) is also part of the solo in Dream Theaters - Pull Me Under , I believe.

How about you ?

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