Hello I'm new.

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:00 pm
by TimeViking • 1 Post

Hello all,

I figured I would start my introduction by dumping videos of my horrendous form. I tried out Pebber's style of practice a few months ago and it definitely helped but I ended up breaking up with my gf who I lived with, quitting my job, and moving back up to northern Wisconsin. It took a couple months of getting used to my schedule change to get energy to practice hard again. I've been about 2 weeks strong again at about 3 hours per day. I was supposed to go to the gym before this and the door card thing broke so I'm absolutely geeking on caffeine during these videos. I intend to spend most of my practice time grinding these left and right hand techniques along with a little scale and chord work and maybe an easy song here or there. I would like to build up to working through the whole practice schedule but a lot of the stuff like arpeggios and trying to do the ear training seems hard to learn at least while playing at this point. Anways sorry to ramble a bit there. I am always open to criticism as its no secret I blow hard right now.

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RE: Hello I'm new.

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by Cuccaro • 2 Posts


I’m pretty new here too but I never post. I’ve been playing 30 years. Can’t possibly explain how much Pebber’s videos have helped my technique. No one else responded so I’m stepping up. Maybe they’re all really invested in the election!

1st I notice your body position... your bent sideways with your neck cocked. That’s gonna get painful long term. I recommend you try to concentrate on sitting straight or even standing. Then you need to tilt the neck up to bring the fretboard to you instead of trying to bring your whole upper body down to the neck.

About your picking exercise. It looks more like you are picking with the flat side of the pick with your wrist parallel to the strings and using an up/down motion with your wrist. I’m getting tired just looking at it, your wrist must be exhausted. I recommend rewatching all Pebber’s picking videos. Your wrist should be at an angle across the strings |/|||||. Your pick grasp is pretty close to right. Clutch it with the thumb and index finger only. Use the strength of the thumb to push the outside SIDE EDGE of the pick away from you to pluck the string. Then use the strength of the index finger to pull the INSIDE EDGE of the pick back in towards you. The wrist should be completely still and only the thumb and index finger should be moving back and forth. First concentrate and getting the string to ‘pluck’ so you get a decent sound then you can practice the motion until it becomes thoughtless... then you can practice changing strings while you count to 4 :)

The spider exercise looks pretty good actually (thumb is up!)but I would slow it down and concentrate on lifting the pairs of fingers at the same time and landing them at the same time. As you change strings move the thumb behind the neck a little bit so it stays directly behind the fingers as they move.

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RE: Hello I'm new.

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:50 am
by Guitars&Drums • 1 Post

Hey TimeViking,

For the first video, as the previous comment, PB mainly teaches scalpel picking, which is not what you are doing, personally I highly recommend his technique. Loose thumb, he has many videos on that.

Spider exercises : keep going and try all the other kind of spider exercises he has.

Chromaticism : I think your finger position is pretty good you're playing with the tips of the fingers but I highly recommend this exercise with a metronome starting slow and then increasing the speed as you progress.

Keep going !

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RE: Hello I'm new.

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Fri Jan 22, 2021 3:22 am
by McFly • 42 Posts

Hi, welcome.

It is not about where we are at the moment but where we will be in a month or a year : )

My experience is that one needs to start with focused exercises and not spread too much
especially when you have little time in a day to practice.

Picking and timing

Pebber always advised me to keep practicing only quarter notes for a (long) while so that timing can sink in.
I try hard to stick to that although I occasionally try note subdivisions as well.

And keep the focus. No distractions of any kind : )

Left hand exercises

I personally stick mostly to trills and spiders for now (I am with Pebber for some 8 months or so
and manage to practice cca 5 days a week for one hour, progress not fast but I feel/believe it is there).

We need strong left hand fingers (hence the trills) and we need to be able to control them (hence the spiders).


No use in trying to practice at high tempo if fingers can not follow. Practice at tempos you can manage and
over time one should be able to push tempo up gradually. On scalpel picking and ways to practice Peeber has many
free videos on Youtube. To help out a bit I tried to find most useful ones and I listed them in my posts entitled
Class 2020 for one string and adjacent picking. Pebber also made a list of picking hand videos in one of
older posts. I believe it shouldn't be a problem finding them here on the forum using search.

The hardest thing is controlling one self and staying away from trying to play that amazing solo from one's favorite artist
and not practicing the drills with focus and determination. But the drills will take us where we want to be in the end :)

Keep at it. Push yourself even when you don't feel like it until it becomes a routine like morning coffee, washing your teeth, having lunch or whatever else we do on a daily bases. It is sometimes hard but there is no workaround :)


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