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  • I used a pseudonym for privacy purposes, but I am delighted to announce I received the DVD about a week ago. I forgot to update this information on the board, my apologies.
    Here comes hours and hours of practicing.

  • Picking Techniques DVDsDateSun Jun 14, 2015 5:07 am
    Forum post by CrazyFuu. Topic: Picking Techniques DVDs

    My recommendation would only be applicable if you know anyone overseas. I ran into same problems with other products overseas and I would ask my friend/relative overseas to have the product ordered to them. Once it arrives ask them to mail it to you in India via packaging. Not sure if that helps, as you would need someone overseas to help you out with that.

  • Hey guys, I am new to this forum and just started guitar a couple months ago. I've been doing about half of Pebber Brown Module 1 (Picking exercise via scalpel picking), Module 2 (Limited amount of trills considering how weak and untrained my fingers are, ladder exercises, and spider exercises) and started memorizing chords and scales through PB's method. I have two main questions, I ordered PB's exercise DVD vol. 1 last month and still hasn't arrived. I live in Adelaide Aust. so I was wondering when it would come and who would be best to contact regarding this issue.

    My second questions involves practice time. I've been practicing around 3 and a half hours per day, and I remember PB somewhere in one of his youtube videos recommends about 5 hours (I could be wrong) per day. However when I look at the daily modules and all the specific techniques (Left-hand basics, All Spider exercises, etc) I can't help but feel one must go through Charlie Parker mode, practicing 12-16 hours per day to fulfill these exercises and learn the all the chords, scales, etc. Perhaps I am overestimating the time taken but I was curious about how long realistically it would take to fulfill all of PB's daily modules?

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