Barre Chord Forms

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by pebberbrown • 926 Posts

Many lessons today teaching people how to play Barre Chords. Note that the original correct spelling is "Barre" not "bar." One of the main problems that almost all students have is not keeping the distance between the index finger and the 3rd finger THE SAME as the chord slides up and down the neck to different roots. This is almost always a problem due directly to lack of physical strength and also a lack of paying attention. To play barre chords you have to LOCK the hand position as you move it around the neck and DONT let the fingers scrunch themselves too close together. So many millions of times I have corrected students repeatedly over and over again for literally DECADES on this common problem. Also quite a lot of students fail to put their THUMB behind the neck to oppose the fingers. This is the strongest type of hand position yet very few students get it right the first dozen times they try. I always tell students to put their thumb behind the first and second finger and apply strength and pressure to the chord. Unfortunatelty for a lot of students - they do little to listen or pay attention. But this is the way to play barre chords. You have to keep a whole step distance between the index and 3rd fingers and dont let it sink into a halfstep! Many students let it sink into a halfstep because they just dont have the strength to keep it up and they also cant HEAR it when it becomes an irritating FLAT 5 instead of a 5! Guys - dont be one of them! Barre chords require concentration and strength to play them properly - AT FIRST! Later, it becomes second nature and effrotless IF YOU PRACTICE IT CORRECTLY!

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