Another Article on Practice

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by Slashiepie • 118 Posts

Hi Pebber,

Couldn´t think of a better person to ask him what his opinion on this article is:


Todd Johnson
Hi Friends,
Here's a GREAT document on how we "learn" music by the late Howard Roberts (GIT founder).
I've been "working" on my own version/take on this subject... and am just having a really hard time finding the "time" to work on it.... SO....... I thought I'd post this and respond to it at things arise....
THEN.....Someday I'll have my own "document" in my own words and I'll gladly post it for everyone.
This should be a good starter to get things going......
Let me say this.... The students that I've had that have "REALLY" embraced this method.... and actually "APPLIED IT" ..... are the one's that are "HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL"..... the one's that "DON'T"......."AREN'T"..... Period.... end of story.
Here goes:

On Learning Music By Howard Robertshttp://truefire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41

You have pretty much all wrote already covered, my main question is what your experience is with the "Time Frames" Strategy ?


Time Frames

You may ask “ How long should I work on new material at any one time?” The answer is, you should work on new material in very short time frames. A few minutes of concentrated, thoughtful study can make a solid impression and can prove far more beneficial than hours of unfocused drudgery. You will need to assign yourself breaks by the clock until you become sensitive to your own physical and mental signals. So get yourself a kitchen timer and time each section of your practice.

I recommend practicing:

15 minutes on
5 minutes off
15 minutes on
5 minutes off

When your timer goes off, obey the discipline of the signal. Do not break it and go beyond your assigned time limit! Then as time goes by and you become better at managing your time, you will become more and more sensitive to your own limits, and you’ll be able to sense when you have gone on too long and need to rest. Remember that, while on the old method it is all right to practice until you drop, the new method requires you to re-train yourself for a whole new kind of learning experience.

Thanks in adavance and thanks for all your effort!

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RE: Another Article on Practice

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Fuckin HOWARD!
Ahh yeah....
For those of you who may NOT know
Howard Roberts WAS my instructor from 1975-1977
and I quit to go to the Berklee College of Music.
When I cam back to California in 1978 Howard tried to
get me to go to G.I.T. but I went to DICK GROVE instead.
(Grove had ALL instruments not ONLY guitar players like GIT did)

I still use an egg timer for a LOT of stuff regarding
studying and practicing.

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RE: Another Article on Practice

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by Slashiepie • 118 Posts

Haha cool!
Ill take that as a yes :)

Pebber judging by your curriculum, your surreal ammount of experience and the giants you have met and walked with,
you could easily be charging 100$+ per hour...
However please dont raise the prices till january.. im subscribing soon.. :)

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RE: Another Article on Practice

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by pebberbrown • 926 Posts

And I cant even get people to even fuckin SHOW UP for lessons at the Music Store where I teach! I feel like Albert Einstein trying to teach ARITHMETIC to brain dead 1st graders who's parents cant remember what day the class is on.

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