Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:16 am
by Jaggers • 6 Posts

Hey guys, I've use got some cash I've been saving from work to buy a new guitar. I have an American Standard Strat and a cheap Epiphone.
I played a friends Ibanez and its a lot faster than a strat and just felt like a more comfortable guitar.

What are your thoughts on Ibanez guys? Any good/bad experience with certain models? I've been looking at a used RGA model for $700

I know that getting a new guitar won't suddenly make me like suddenly play like a pro but obviously some guitars are built better for speed (like Ibanez)

I'd like to know your thought 0_0


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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:51 am
by uderoche (deleted)

Yngwie plays a strat and he's fast. So does Eric Johnson. McLaughlin and Di Meola where known in the 70's for playing Gibsons that have really big necks. Holdsworth and John Abercrombie played Gibson SG's in their early days.

So, I don't think guitars are built for speed.

The reason people gravitate towards something like Ibanez is because the neck is really thin and the fretboard is very flat and they say this helps with legato playing. But, like I said, Holdsworth played an SG and Strats and he's the legato master and lots of guys that have amazing legato technique do not play Ibanez guitars.

Having owned and played many Ibanez guitars over the years I personally don't like the tone. I even owned the very rare Ibanez "ART1" and it didn't sound very well to my ears. I ended up selling it to a college kid. I'm sure he got more use out of it than I ever would have. Your strat is much more toneful I assure you.

But, if you like it, I say go for it. It's all personal preference. Many fine players use Ibanez. Buy a used RG550 or RG770 on ebay. They are usually very affordable.

I have included a couple very very very old picture of me. One is with custom shop Ibanez ART1 which some claim is the Holy Grail of Ibanez guitars. Wow this picture brings back memories!

If you google my name and click on images you will see various pictures of me with Ibanez guitars such as the custom shop "puzzle" guitar, RG550, and hard tail Prestige models. So, I have definitely played and owned a few Ibanez guitars.

Actually, if you can find older ESP models such as the M-II or M-II custom (the purple one that Buckethead used) I used the same guitar for many years and those sound much better. The neck isn't exactly like an Ibanez...not as thin...but comparable. When talking about Japanese made "super strat" style guitars, the ESP is much more well built than any Ibanez. But try and find an older one not a newer one as they are not the same. I bought one in pieces and had my tech rebuild it. There are photos of me on google with it as well.

Hope this helps you.

Best of luck to you in your tone search.



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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:33 pm
by uderoche (deleted)

P.S. I am now endorsed by Music Man guitars so, go buy a Music Man!

Best wishes



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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:30 pm
by deltadiscos • 321 Posts

My guitars consist of a yamaha pacifica £55 off ebay and a Yamaha rgx £50 of ebay.. love em both price or make or model should'nt matter
if you like playing it thats all you need

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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:32 pm
by nickjacquet (deleted)

ha music man is what i play....I had to save up every penny i had for 1.5 years/sleeping on a coutch to afford but now that i have it...its the best thing that has ever happened to me (-:

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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:48 pm
by pebberbrown • 926 Posts

I had and old Ibanez Artist 335 model from 1978 that I dearly loved and played it all over the world - but around 1982 or so I got myself in a bad car accident with someone else's car and had to pay for the damages myself (no one had any "insurance" back in those days) and so I hocked it to a rich guy who was the dad of a girl I was going out with. He was cool - gave me the money to pay for the car and all - but I never was able to make enough money to pay him back so a couple years later he called me and told me "Look man its been a few years already, so I am just going to give that guitar to my daughter allright? (she was a good player). Anyway she still has it and every 10 years or so I get a hold of her and beg to buy it back - to which she laughs it off and completely refuses. On the other side of the coin - 2 weeks ago I walked into a pawn shop looking for a simple used crescent wrench and they had a black Ibanez RG up on the wall for fucking $65 dollars.
I pulled it down - it was missing 2 strings and the pickups were screwed ALL THE WAY UP so they hit the strings (to the average person it sounded fuckin horrible! the strings smacked up against the pickups and didnt even play) so I figured what the hell and whipped out my credit card and took it home. I was delighted to find out all it needed was a clean up and new strings and some adjustments!!!
One more Ibanez for my collection! I think Ibanez always makes a better guitar - they put in huge 6100 frets STOCK - advanced pickups and tremolos - STOCK! Top of the line quality gears and bridges - STOCK. Choice hardwoods for their bodies and necks - STOCK! Ibanez is a wonderful company in my opinion.

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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sun Apr 29, 2012 11:50 pm
by Slashiepie • 118 Posts

Im an Ibanez fanboy, i dig the japanese philosophy of perfection.

If you buy a prestige model you will be buying extreme quality.

The only thing i would have in mind is to save for different pickups, the ibanez stock pickups are horrendous imho, unless you are buying a jem or a high end rg model with dimarzio evos or dimarzios in general.

As already said, the guitar isnt really what gives you speed, but if you love the guitar and the neck you will love playing even more.

If you dig whammy bars, ibz also has incredibly reliable and awesome whammy bars systems, the jem´s edge zero tremolo is probably the best tremolo in existance.

@Ursin: did you ever try Bareknuckles on any of your Ibanez ? They really transform them.

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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:04 am
by deltadiscos • 321 Posts

Ok Ok sold!! you've convinced me .. but yea i ave been looking at getting an ibanez a lot of rgx350dxz's seem to sell on ebay is that a good thing though.
was gutted last christmas time in a cash generator bit like a pawn shop i happened upon a original fender strat £160 why oh why did i not get it kids could of had presents the next year...

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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:12 am
by uderoche (deleted)

@Slashpie no I have never tried Bareknuckle pickups at all. Handwound in the UK right? I have heard great things but have yet to try.

Also, Pebber is 100% absolutely correct.

In the late 70's/early80's Gibson and Fender were not making good products. So, the Japanese companies (Ibanez) started to make guitars based on Fender and Gibson models. The so called "lawsuit" guitars as Gibson and Fender sued some of these Japanese companies for copying their designs. These are amazing guitars. An Ibanez from this period is an amazing instrument.


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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:45 pm
by Tsonic Tsunami • 27 Posts

Hey All, new to the forum and guitar. I'm so happy I found Pebber because I suck :-), no really! Anyway I'm a drummer learning guitar and I've looked at a ton of websites and I really dig what Pebber has going on here. I didn't want to start a thread just to say hello and not to hijack the thread so I purchased this baby about a year and a half ago off ebay. I feel like I stole it, it's an RGT42MDX neck through made in Indonesia. As I'm just learning to appreciate certain features on different guitars, there are a lot of things I like about this guitar. I just saw one in black listed locally on Craigslist and I was almost tempted, but being an accomplished gearslut with way to much stuff already I passed on it. Here's a picture, it's a very cool guitar IMO!

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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Tue May 01, 2012 4:31 pm
by FRaKh • 320 Posts

I say Yamaha Pacifica...Pebber gave me mine and its my best guitar!
Even plays better than my Jackson......
You can pick up one for around 100 bucks on Ebay....or even try CraigsList...just be cautious(of course).

“A World Without String Is Chaos”

Randolf Smuntz

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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Wed May 02, 2012 12:31 am
by dave86uk • 34 Posts

Ibanez are awesome but it may be best for you to go to a guitar shop where you live and try out other makes and just see what you like the most.

I have a ibanez s series which is really nice it has decent sound and a really light weight body & then neck is thin and really smooth I mainly got it because it just feels easy to play and when standing up for long periods of time practicing it doesnt hurn my neck which is a bonus lol

Short video on the ibanez s series http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nmRtF4LX0c&feature=related

Im looking at getting some new pick ups for it when I have the money for it maybe some bare knuckle or seymour duncan pickups.

Heres some pics of my guitars and pedals. The acoustic is a tanglewood and the blue guitar is a charvette by charvel with EMG pick ups.

sorry for the bad image quality Im not up to date with HD camera's and phones my phone cam is ancient lol you can click on the pics for a bigger picture

Image076.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

Image038.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

Also Ive recently been looking at dean guitars I got to play one of these recently http://www.gak.co.uk/en/dean-vendetta-4-...ent-black/17721 and I liked the feel of the neck and the tone was pretty good just need to save money to get one lol & Im currently out of a job so I have to be careful with the money I have left until I get a new job.

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RE: Guitars for Speed?

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Sun May 06, 2012 12:32 am
by Slashiepie • 118 Posts


Worth a try , they practically build a custom pickup for your specific needs, taking amp and guitar into consideration everytime you order directly from them, and should you not be satisfied you can give it back and get it rewinded or get your money back.

Incredible quality stuff, even the guys at the huge music store here in germany, when asked them if i should get Dimarzios, Seymours or Bareknuckles, he told me "even though we sadly dont sell BKP´s in here, get the BKP´s, they are unrivaled"

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