Strumming with a pick

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by Victor_Ovechkin • 1 Post

Hello everyone!
I've been practicing for about 2 years now, but playing only with my fingers. Starting using a pick was a real challenge for me until recently. Previously I felt really uncomfortable, always trying not to drop the pick down. Searching and reading/watching lots of information on internet didn't helped at all, but, suddenly, I ran on a Pebber's channel and fortunately found a proper answer upon this topic. So firstly, I want to thank you, Pebber, for sharing your experience on YouTube. Thank you very-very much for doing that!
Now, guys, I need your advise. So, after practicing with a pick for about a week, I got almost no problems with plucking single notes or, for example, doing double-stops. But even after watching a lesson, I have issues with strumming (especially upwards). The pick is always trying to slip off. I would really appreciate if someone could cover up a proper way to strum with a pick. I think that I can not find the right wrist angle and It seems to me that I'm not the only one who encounters this kind of problem.
Thank you in advance!
P.S.: Sorry for my language, greetings from Russia!
By the way, I used my webcam to update my profile pic, but for some reason It has been applied only for my profile page, but not here, on the forum itself. What did I do wrong?

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RE: Strumming with a pick

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:10 am
by Farelli • 189 Posts

Hey Victor,

Late reply, but maybe you'll see it. I assume by now you've got that picking issue sorted out. But a video of your hand would help in similar cases.

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