A day in the life at PB Recording Studios

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:34 pm
by pebberbrown • 926 Posts

This is a strictly forum-only invite-only video. Eddie asked me to PULL it from Facebook so I had to unlist it on YT and unlist it on FB. But for those of you forum members who want to catch a glimpse into my personal life (at the studio) have a look.

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RE: A day in the life at PB Recording Studios

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:02 pm
by FRaKh • 321 Posts


“A World Without String Is Chaos”

Randolf Smuntz

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RE: A day in the life at PB Recording Studios

in PB Guitarstudio FORUMS Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:50 pm
by Debilius • 96 Posts

What a great video... thank you Pebber for this one.

Your "lair" looks cool... and what a great on the spot perception of the upright bass guy... I wish I could collaborate with people like this guy. You show him the lick, and he picks it up and translate on his instrument. And guy is a great analytic what was proved through the video later. I lalso ike Maj7 line suggestion very much(at 0:46:16, don't "eat a blueberry" moment... )and lot of a possibly Motown style suggestions later...

This is great reminder for young guys who are about to step in the studio for the first time that recording session is mostly a recomposing ritual unless you know what to do with everything way before. But even if you may compose every tiny interval at home in mathematical order, producer will add some final touch in the process, some signature, and others from the crew also, that will change your song(in better way mostly), and you'll come up with some ideas along the process just by listening the sound of the frequencies dancing together.

Pebber, I wish I was there with you people when you recorded this, man, how much ideas and suggestions I had while watching this. You'd probably throw me out just on the firs annoy, who knows...
... I miss studio big time at this moment man.

The tune is quite cool. Reminds me on some Bon Jovi/Springsteen patriotic style melody with a country touch. Didn't like harmonica line in the beginning, but who am I to tell. Vocal line is cool. Scat line and backing vocals also. I would like that final ta ta da scat line has finished at a major 7 interval, not on an octave... but anyway the singer is cool. As he's adding more vocal harmonies it sounds more Prince style vocal cluster... but it sits very cool at some spots in this song. Somebody mentioned Kenny Loggins during the process. That's that sound. Very American sounding song... very well written and in the studio, rewritten song.

I like also soviet style jokes, especially "yu veyt in layn foR a toylet peyjpR("you wait in line for a toilet paper" joke) because that reminds me on some people here(in Croatia) pretending to know English... something similar to English language in horror movies where they are trying to sound dark with bad latin language accent... and Italians... it seems that letter R is crucial for language accent jokes... and Leningrad Cowboys... I can't believe Pebber Brown watched this movie! The Russian Blues Brothers cover sort off. Very funny movie. And "chunks of music" joke sound very much like Jackie Chan Chinese accent... you guys are hilarious!

Again, great video... I enjoyed every part of it. Also, I have some questions... Do you work mastering(I believe you do) and how much it costs for a single song and what terms in decibels etc are included... and also, do you work mixing for outside of your studio and what are the terms and costs for a single song?

And keep posting videos like this more often please... this stuff is great.

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