Music theory scale writing practice randomizer

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by adto • 12 Posts

Hey all,

During holiday break I've been away from my guitar so I went through music theory for guitar 1A-1F and although I'm not the fastest, I completed the worksheets a buncha times and feel more comfortable writing out keys and scales, knowing what key signature corresponds with what scale, etc.

Starting today, my next step is to do this daily in the "Dick Grove" style that Pebber talks about, where roll call was taken via writing out scales in 5 mins or so. To do this, you gotta randomize the 15 major scales, so I found this handy little site that does it for you:


If you select the checkbox to generate the list and hit GO, it will give you a page of randomly sorted scale names.



edit: the site doesn't allow links, so sorry if I am breaking rules here by circumventing it. I presume it's just to stop spammers but lt me know if this is a no-no


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