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  • Buy Complete Theory 101 video lessons?DateWed Jan 06, 2016 2:34 pm

    Hi , to Pebber & the team and all - I thought to post here as finance & lesson related

    I'd just like to say a big thank you for all the free you tube stuff - It has set me off on a path and I find myself putting in the time & effort to six string . Only problem is I'm learning a bands set for bass now . Anyway I am going to try to get my finances in some kind of order and at least buy a Dvd of picking soon as I can't commit to subscription quite quite yet and that's to balance out my 'taking - Once again thank you

  • Want to play my guitarDateTue Dec 22, 2015 12:46 pm

    Having a night off from practising the basic caged 5 position exercises which I have done so for a week or so. Feeling that I now know just the Gmaj scales - BUT appreciating how the relative Em can come into play.
    I have the benefit of a bit of knowledge through basic bass but how little I know. I find myself back tracking as to holding the guitar , curling of the fingers and concentrating. I add that one of my middle fingers seems large as got stepped on at school (70's) but I have tried to make excuses before when I said I found the precision bass frets too apart due to my small hands - The UK guitar shop & Peavey bass rep owner just laughed at me - Ha .. So I shall soldier on as my hand hurt last night and I saw spots before my eyes.

    I will endeavour to nail the minor scales next, but have picked the wrong week , or rather destiny has , as joined a Gothic rock band as a bass player and have a set to learn and interpet. The six string practice is helping much and maybe I will break out of my rock mode and try and do some Bach and such on the bass.

    You tubing loads of stuff inc Pebber playing live , Alan Holdsworth , John McLaughlin, who I was lucky to see with Shatki along with Ravi Shankar's son playing a decade ago . On the listening front - I have new ears concerning the Mahavishnu Orchestra. I finish by saying that the mud is clearing in my mind and spent this evening watching Bo Diddley - Live in Sweden (1980's) and he speaks , through experience at 28'34 saying that '' You get the gig , which is the Job, by what you know - If you can't handle it , you don't get the job'' So true. Enough of my chat ...must let the music do my talking, so will go and plug in and PRACTICE. Peace & music :)

  • Want to play my guitarDateMon Dec 14, 2015 10:49 am

    Hi Guitar, Yemtig ,Todd, & Pebber

    Thinking that a couple of us are in the same boat here as just switched to guitar and watching the Module 1 on you tube

    Feeling the commitment after signing up on the forum here so there's no going back ! :)

    Best of luck & effort


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