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Quote: BillyRae wrote in post #9Hand is coming along thx Adam...bought another Strat (1989 Blacky, Sensor PU's, Mint) to which I will apply those lessons. Can't play/why not fix. Should be back on strings this week. BTY what stain did you put on the SG neck that would match up with the Cherry. Hi BillyRae! I'm glad to hear that your hand is improving! Good Stuff!!Another Strat, huh? LOVE IT! I've got an '07 American Standard Strat..gorgeous!!As far as the SG, I had these particular repairs done ...
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Quote: disruptor wrote in post #8 LOL about the 10 min vid. I'm sure Pebber had some choice words about that. :)Actually, he didn't say a word about it,,,BUT that was just before he started pursuing his Doctorate and his time became even that much more limited. I didn't really get an "appreciation" of the quantity of videos he gets each month, until I started helping him with the overflow. I just reviewed some over the weekend that were PERFECT in terms of length-of-video-time AND distribution o...
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Quote: heyman wrote in post #3I play in the 7-8th grade jazz band at school. It's pretty much torture. The drummer can't keep time.WOW! heyman, stick with that! My BEST former student, Ryan Pieniacha, got involved with his school jazz band at Chicago High School for the Arts,and now studies Jazz Performance at SUNY Purchase in New York City! I mean, that kid was running circles around me within 2 years...No Joke! There were many times where he was showing ME stuff that he was learning in his cla...
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Quote: pebberbrown wrote in post #4Yes most people are lazy in their definitions of music. A is not Ami but millions of guys play the Ami pentatonic scale and say its in the key of "A." Rock band members and self taught rock guitarists mostly all do this. Guilty, as charged,,,but that's because I just didn't know any better, or really didn't even care at the time. I could kick myself now, but that was Life "Pre-Pebber." So the sooner you "catch on" to things like knowing the PROPER KEY of a s...
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Quote: deltadaz wrote in post #8I like the Matt Warnock site, is full of usefull info. youtubers i watch. robert baker, guitarlessons365, ben levin, ben eller, creative guitarstudio, music is win, steve terreberry(for the humour)We are so spoilt with these days with youtube, I sort of miss struggling with the one chord book, and a old theatre song book, and an amp made from and old tube radio. Hi deltadaz, and Welcome to the Forum!! You listed some really good ones there, especially Stevie T --...

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Hi BillyRae!Looks like the hands are feeling better! I really like "As Time Goes By." Such a great, great song. I watched your video twice: Once as is, and again with the actual Joe Pass version behind it. Now, aside for the speed of Joe Pass's single-note runs (which is why he's one of the greats), you play along VERY nicely. I was inspired and encouraged. Thank you for sharing!
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Hi BillyRae!The Real Book 6 you want can be purchased at Musicians Friend, if I'm not mistaken. I linked it for you, and you will see both "Footprints" and "Blue Bossa" listed in the songlist (scroll down the page). This is the one Pebber has in his videos, I believe.I am checking out your new video now! Thank you, sir!

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Hi Marko!My family, on my Mother's side, comes from Asturias! Enjoy Spain (or I hope you enjoyed it, if you see this after your trip). You know, it's driving me nuts , but Pebber sent me this United States Navy Music Theory book, or something like that,,,and I can't find it for the life of me!Anyway, here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):Modern Chord Progressions - Jazz And Classical Voicings For Guitar - Ted GreeneLenny Breau - Fingerstyle JazzJazz Practice Ideas With Your Real...
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Quote: BillyRae wrote in post #1Hello Pebber. Just a quick note that I bought the Real book 6th Ed "C" to follow along with your lesson vids' but I find the songs you refer to are not in this book. Hi BillyRae!I should be able to help you out on this. Can you please reference the lesson videos and/or songs to which you are referring?
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Quote: heyman wrote in post #2I would suggest sticking to the Daily Practice Routine sheet. It is all about being organized on what Pebber has sent you to work on. Any time you have spent on scales and chords has not been wasted. Everyone's journey is different. heyman gives some solid advice, right here, Zvono. I really like your enthusiasm, and it is GREAT to have you here in the Forum!! I just wanted to suggest that maybe try to slow down a little, and just take a deep breath, and not worry ...


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