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  • Adam Not Well.DateSun Jun 25, 2017 9:01 pm

    Hi folks. Just in case you were wondering where our boy Adam has gotten to, I rec'd word today he is in a bad way with sun poisoning and won't be in communication with us for a while. I'll do my best to let you know progress if, as & when I hear anything. In the interval you might want to use this thread to wish him well and a speedy recovery. Cheers for Now!!

  • Classic Jazz influences - Joe PassDateWed Jun 14, 2017 7:55 pm

    One must always remember PB is out there ahead of us all. He's wired a little different than the rest. Most interesting to see where his mind takes him. Think that's maybe what I like about him. Thinks the Concept

  • Classic Jazz influences - Joe PassDateWed Jun 14, 2017 12:29 pm

    Thx Heyman. If you look about youTube under Joe Pass, you will find a LOT of material. Even a full course on jazz related production. His style is not so popular today, neither is classic Jazz for that matter, but it's a musical time I really enjoyed in my early life. I hope you can latch on to him just a little. At your young years his speed, accuracy and depth of chord knowledge, jazz chords applications especially, could prove worth the time spent as you mature into whatever "Style" you will eventually become. Good guy to have in your back pocket of knowledge.

    If you get the opportunity, please head to my page for a look once in a while or subscribe if you wish. I don't post often but I like feedback when I do. Would appreciate yours. Just look for Bill Hay on YouTube. Sorry I can't post the link here. Too Many already.

    Cheers for now. Keep on stroking that axe.

  • Classic Jazz Sampler "Summertime" Am, GershwinDateMon Jun 12, 2017 2:14 pm

    I pasted together some video from a recent practice session. Part 1 is a solo, no backing, part 2 is the same piece @ 85 bpm c/w backing track. Please have a look (and forgive the editing snips lack of intro and outro), just let me know which version you like. It's short, please comment.

  • E Maj/Emin Scales & Licks DemoDateTue May 30, 2017 6:00 am

    Very Cool on the SG but I cannot as yet bring myself to such hardline decisions on such a beauty. I too have a skill level that allows me to set up almost anything, but glue & fit & electrics repairs are for others, at least for the time being. I got the Wilkinson roller all sorted out on the 89 SE Plus. Just really breaking it in. Monster output but it sounds totally not like my my Frankie.
    I'm working on Gershwin's "Summertime" as a purely blues piece. Should be made for the Strat. Can't make a chord sound right on it as yet, lead will be cool though. I just got started & hand is still gimpy a little as well.

    I found the right Real Book VI BTW. Amazon, $35 CDN, free ship. Thanks for the song list, once I got the ISBN that matched the songs list I just looked it up, hit buy. Should be here today. I'll start on following Pepper's Videos.

  • Real Book?? 6th Ed no Match for Lesson VidsDateSat May 27, 2017 2:03 pm

    Many Thanks Adam. Will pursue with vigor.

  • Classic Jazz influences - Joe PassDateSat May 27, 2017 3:00 am

    Thanks so much Adam. I tried it with a 60-65 bpm drum track. I liked the bounce from the Tuplet cadence. Sounded more authentic JP but this freehand version allowed some pace variation I liked over the entire length of the piece. Bit short on content but I didn't want to go longer than 3 min. or so. Maybe I'll go back & double down and bring the drum track along as a second segment just to accent the front half. Maybe fade it in for a chorus or two, then let it fade back out in a finish segment. Not sure if you know "They Can't take that away from Me" Joe did. I'm working on that one. Seems to have 3 very distinct segments in terms of voicing. Let you know how it goes. Anyway cheers and thanks for taking a look. Comments help a lot!!

  • Real Book?? 6th Ed no Match for Lesson VidsDateFri May 26, 2017 2:28 pm

    So Adam, I was looking to follow along with Footprints & Blue Bossa Vid's but I'm sure there are many others out of the book. Mine simply does not match up for song content or songs on certain pages. I have a "C Instruments" in addition to Real Book VI on the cover. Not thinking this is the same book PB is using. Also need to know if one can download pdf files for any of these??
    Thanks Adam.

    BTW just posted new Vid on the form if you have time to catch up!!

  • Classic Jazz influences - Joe PassDateFri May 26, 2017 2:20 pm

    A Little "Jazz" is good For the soul. "As Time Goes By", I realize how much I really like the Classic Jazz Guitar. Hope you do as well. Let me know your thoughts

  • Real Book?? 6th Ed no Match for Lesson VidsDateFri May 19, 2017 12:50 pm

    Hello Pebber. Just a quick note that I bought the Real book 6th Ed "C" to follow along with your lesson vids' but I find the songs you refer to are not in this book. I assume I got the wrong one. Can you clarify which of the several 6th editions I need to buy. Many Thx

    I have - Real Book VI "C" Instruments - ISBN 978-1-4584-4065-5

  • E Maj/Emin Scales & Licks DemoDateFri May 19, 2017 12:16 pm

    Hand is coming along thx Adam. While I have been limited in my playing, I have learned, in great detail, about guitar set up for lowest actim and best intonation. Have applied lessons to all three of my current collection and bought another Strat (1989 Blacky, Sensor PU's, Mint) to which I will apply those lessons. Can't play/why not fix. Should be back on strings this week.
    BTY what stain did you put on the SG neck that would match up with the Cherry. The Trucks came with that fantastic color including neck back as well. The neck on this edition was intended to accommodate slide use of course and is therefore a little bulky so sanding the back of the neck would be good I think. Assume you did not put on a clear coat, just left the stain finish??

  • E Maj/Emin Scales & Licks DemoDateWed May 17, 2017 1:41 am

    Thanks so much Adam. Very much appreciate the constructive comments. As to guitars I thank you. This is one of two Strats I own. This one was custom from lic. Fender parts and I have it tricked out in terms of set up to be wonderful to play. Working the Gretsch as well but have not yet got it to quit the same comfort level. I just picked up a D Trucks 50th Anniv. 61 re-issue SG. I'm trying it out on a jazzy piece from Real Book 6. Hurt my hand this past week so it will be a week or so to posting. Would very much appreciate your comments when you can. I promised myself I'd move to Jazz this year. Venturing into new territory on this next tune. Be Well.

  • E Maj/Emin Scales & Licks DemoDateThu May 04, 2017 7:53 pm

    Hey Adam if you can get back to me on this one I'll appreciate. We were looking to cleanup the backing track and dirty up the guitar last time on the Stormy Monday take. I was working on some E scale Blues licks, so I worked out some Cubase settings for the Fender and shot the video . Let me know your thoughts when you can, or anyone else with Constructive Advice!!

  • Stormy MondayDateTue Apr 11, 2017 8:52 pm
    Forum post by BillyRae. Topic: Stormy Monday

    Thanks Adam. I hear you on the ending and tone. I have a "Woman Tone" setup a la Clapton I can use to Dirty Up the guitar and I can adjust the delay/Chorus on the backing track easily as well. (I just finished my first video (this one) so I'm kinda new to it. Not an excuse however. I can see where I can cleanup the editing already). I'll give it another shot here shortly and post again in a "Tuned UP" version. Sorry about the laid back style but that's just me. Appreciate your thoughts on composition.

  • Stormy MondayDateThu Mar 30, 2017 7:24 am

    Here is a solo rendition of the Blues Classic I put together using PB's Chords for the backing track. Played primarily in Gm with a cross over to Dm from time to time. Constructive comments will be appreciated as always.

  • Practice Video Stormy MondayDateSun Feb 26, 2017 7:51 pm

    First 20 seconds or so no Audio Pebber. No idea why but should not matter. Thx for the Review

  • Practice Video Stormy MondayDateSun Feb 26, 2017 7:31 am

    Thx PB I'll work on the Ddim7. Have a look at final video when we get there. I must have gotten sloppy here. This is one of the easy chords in the combination. G13 is a corker

    As to the one dimensional Gm Pent. I was thinking ahead to the next lesson anticipating a lesson on lead solo.
    Your scale chart calls out only position #1 of the Gm Pent. but an expanded cross positional GMaj Pent. scale. So I'm guessing you will trend to more GMaj in the solo than Gm. I am working on that solo lead now and I really like the feel of the Gm scale over the Track. Also the Gmscale emphasis lets me work in a Dm scale riff that I think is cool as well. I'll post it up later today so you can see the reflection of your Solo Basics 1A-1B-2A series you posted a few years ago. This piece is perfect 5th of Gm integration of the Dm scale you called out back then.

    Looking fwd to next lesson. Keep up the great work man.

  • Pick angle forwards or backwards?DateSat Feb 25, 2017 10:08 am

    I too only recently came upon Pebber B's technique. The angular picking I took an early liking to. Seems to soften the stroke without losing velocity or tone and moves you quickly on to the next note or stroke. Might be a little scuffle sound on the wound strings but unless your listening for it you probably won't have anyone pick up on that. Wrist roll is key for me. Keeps me from stubbing my pick on a string and BOINKING a note needlessly.

    Suffer up a vid for PB to chew apart just like the rest of us. We ALL suck if only by a matter of degree.


  • Webcam Mic DistotrtionDateThu Feb 23, 2017 1:56 pm
    Forum post by BillyRae. Topic: Webcam Mic Distotrtion

    Thx a lot. I came up with the Blue Yeti Blackout as the audio solution. Same outfit a bit more cost but it WORKS with my Cubase Pro 8.5 audio output going Quad Capture ASIO that output to my amp with the Blue Yeti picking up voice as well as audio all in sync with the vid.

  • Practice Video Stormy MondayDateThu Feb 23, 2017 1:48 pm

    Pebber or Whomever, pls critique this short video for me. Stormy Monday Lesson 1 Chords.
    Many Thx

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