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  • Audio Software ThreadDateTue Jun 08, 2010 3:29 pm
    Forum post by daniele. Topic: Audio Software Thread

    .....someone have read what i have wrote?lol pay attention when u read and u ll clearly find that i've said that "I m not a sound engineer"Pay attention.And If u want to come to in Italy to visit there s no problem for me.My mom left earth long time ago.
    Signor Pebber Brown I really want to say that I have enjoied a lot and still wait with passion for the next videos that ll come .
    And to continue to learn from U I can say there s no need to post anymore on this forum.I ll just follow ur videos and read the various thread. I was planning to send some videos of my playing but someone here make me change my mind.I don t need to prove nothing especially to Adam.I have seen ur videos....where U say "i wanna people to critique me so I can improve"Well thats my critique looking and listening ur video i can tell that U have to improve a lot.But i hope U know.Now since U ask peoples to tell if u suck so u can improve don t argue with me if i say U suck. Or just don t tell people to critique
    As Pebber Brown said "....because peoples don t really know how much they suck"
    The plot for the comedy was really interesting maybe U can do better as a Tv show writer.
    Thanks for ur incredible massive amount of information that U share to the world Signor Pebber Brown .The discussions happened here won t make me change my mind that following ur ideas and ur teaching can only make me a better and happy player.
    Thanks a lot again
    P.s. Signor Brown wuold u please remove my account on this forum?Since even U say "could it be none other than the worlds greatest self proclaimed guitarist/catbox neglecter?????"i don t think i ll have any good time here:U guys don t even know me and i ve just became a joke.Im not the greatest world self proclaimed guitarist....sorry to ear this

  • Audio Software ThreadDateTue Jun 08, 2010 4:59 am
    Forum post by daniele. Topic: Audio Software Thread

    I mean they hurt ears that s all.And surely they are not the best way to discover the different nuances between wav and mp3.Mp3 just cut a lot of frequencies that s all.
    P.s. please man no reason to fight against me...if u think what i say its kinky or stupid or that i must look my garden or that i ve misunderstood ..just don t reply to my answers.Im not a sound engineer but my ears are really experienced.
    P.s.. when i joined this forum I ve read "we want u to be active "than what ....anytime I post something after me there s u trying to make me pass as a fool.Let me read and answer if i can.If i can t i just stop posting and only read.

    Italians are hot

  • Audio Software ThreadDateMon Jun 07, 2010 6:07 pm
    Forum post by daniele. Topic: Audio Software Thread

    To my ear MP3 sound shit.That s all I can tell by myself.And if i look some stupid graphs is just to reinforce my theory ..Theres no way to say that mp3 sound better than wav.I think U have to listen more carefully .
    My personal idea that s all.I notice a really big difference when I listen music and when i listen what i record on my stereo.And i don t mean two near field monitor.I mean an valve amplfier- 2 home made 3 way speaker box.Regarding headphones ....i never listen nothing with them nor I use them to listen backing track when i record guitar.I think they are good just to fuck my ears.

    Again ..... Its my personal idea.U are asking if someone can really notice the difference.
    YES I DO

  • Audio Software ThreadDateMon Jun 07, 2010 5:49 am
    Forum post by daniele. Topic: Audio Software Thread

    I really love Ableton Live 8 cauz it s full of really nice plug in for guitarist and it s a perfect integration for loop and live recording.It s really easy to use and when you spent some hour doing mastering U can have a real nice product.I do my backing track inb a wink of an eye.Regarding difference from wav to mp3....i use mp3 just to listen music from I pod.If u do a spectrum analysis of a wav and compare it with the mp3 U ll notice the great loss in the overall quality.Mp3 is good also to have a big library of music on ur hard disk but if I have to record....i just want a .wav file

  • ODD TIME FUSION MASTERSDateSun Jun 06, 2010 2:50 pm
    Forum post by daniele. Topic: ODD TIME FUSION MASTERS

    Steve Hillage also used to do a lot of odd times solos with Gong and Solo also.Listen Fish rising ,L,Live in germany 77 and have some fun.A really underrated guitarist for me.Today he s doing lots of psychedelic trance music with miquette giraud.Google some to hear if interested.
    HAve fun

  • Modes and how to use themDateWed Jun 02, 2010 1:23 pm
    Forum post by daniele. Topic: Modes and how to use them

    Message received.I m not trying to teach nothing to no one.I m watching ur video and following ur free lesson cauz U are a real good teacher for me.And I ve always been fine to what I ve learnt till now here.I ll continue to watch videos and shut up my mouth.
    Sorry again to anyone.
    Oh Mr. Brown just to know ....If I do a vamp using that chords I' m doing a modal progression or not?Just to know if what I ve learned Is right or wrong.They sound quite modal when I practice or I m totally wrong?

  • Modes and how to use themDateWed Jun 02, 2010 5:47 am
    Forum post by daniele. Topic: Modes and how to use them

    Signor Brown.....I'm so sorry .Just wanted to give some basic ideas to make a little modal vamp .I don t want to sound like a teacher.I'm surely not the right one.Maybe I ve misunderstood the rules of this forum.Sorry again.I didn t go that much deeper in the theory of what I ve said.Just a quick presentation and the basic ways to create a vamp thats all.No need to make me feel like a cunt.
    Going to think I've started with the wrong feet in here.

  • Modes and how to use themDateTue Jun 01, 2010 3:30 pm
    Forum post by daniele. Topic: Modes and how to use them

    Well seem a little bit fucked up now that ive posted my message.I dunno how to fix this.Hope that U can understand the part related on how the G scale is harmonized to get all the chords.

    I ve just found here on my notebook some modal progression Ive used for some of my backtrack.I do them with ableton live .

    E Ionian :EM7-AM7

    E Dorian:Em6-A7

    E Phrigian:Em-FM7/E

    E Lydian: E-F#/E

    E Mixoliadian :E7-AM7

    E Aeolian :Em-Am6-GM7

  • Modes and how to use themDateTue Jun 01, 2010 3:22 pm
    Forum post by daniele. Topic: Modes and how to use them

    If u want to make a backtrack with 2 or 3 chords to play modal I can give u some info.
    Hope to be clear.Thats what I know:

    1 To find wich chords are good to create a modal progression u must learn how to harmonize a scale.
    Example:To play in G phrigyan write down the note belonging to G scale wich are G-Ab-Bb-C-D-Eb-F.
    2 Harmonize the scale in chords with 3 or 4 notes.U are going to create a triad from each note in the scale of G that will give u 7chords
    based on Root-3rd-5th-7th.
    3 From G prygian U got:1st chord 1 3 5 7 Gmin7

    1 3 5 7 AbMaj7
    2nd chord G-Ab-Bb-C-D-Eb-F-G

    1 3 5 7 Bb7
    3rd chord G-Ab-Bb-C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab

    and so on till u have all 7 chords wich will be Gm7-AbM7-Bb7-Cm7-Dm7b5-EbM7-Fm7.
    Now U can take this chords to make a prygian progression but keep in mind that Any mode have some chords that fits better.
    A G prygian progression could be Gm7-Bb7-Cm7-AbM7 or u can use a G as bass note and then the chord.Ex: Gm-AbM7/G.

    I hope U don t get confused cauz some theory here is required to understand what I ve said (If i'm saying bullshit someone here will correct me i hope cauz I never finish to learn).Since I ve been doing some backingtrack to practice the modes i can share some info.Here s what I know.


    The chords that will give U the most Ionian mood are :
    Root: Emaj7
    Perfect 4th:Amaj7
    Perfect 5th B7


    Root:Emadd6 or Em6
    Natural 2nd:F#m7
    Perfect 4th:A7

    Prygian IN E

    Root :Em7
    Flat 2nd :FM7

    Lydian in E


    Natural 2nd:F#7
    perfect 5th:BM7

    Mixolidian in E


    Root :E7
    Min7th :D

    Aeolian in E


    Perf 4th:Am6
    Perf 5th:Bm

    Locrian in E



    U can use this to find the most used chords in modal vamps in each mode:

    Ionian: IMaj7 - IVMaj7 - V7
    Dorian: i6 - ii7 - IV7
    Phrygian: i - bIIMaj7
    Lydian: I - II7 - VMaj7
    Mixolydian: I7 - bVII
    Aeolian: i - iv(6) - v
    Locrian: i°

    This are for what I ve learned the most common progression that will give a modal sound.Hope I ve been clear and more than all I hope that what I ve said is right.
    If possible i can give u some link where u can learn something related modes and some theory on how to harmonize scales in order to make ur modal progression(until Pebber will explain modes)If Pebber tell me he 's ok .I want to make clear a thing.This is my 2nd post here.I don t want to sound like a teacher.Im just sharing what i know.Good luck m8

  • Two Note Patterns, "THAT" And The TrillDateTue Jun 01, 2010 2:32 pm

    I m not looking for instant gratification.I just have one day at week to practice for more than 2 hour.When my wife is sleeping I take my earphones and play at late night.And I woke up 2 hour before going to work to have some more time to play.It's just a matter of time.But as always when someone join a club need some time to be considered.My fault.As i said I m following Pebber vids from some months now.And from Adam's answer it s obvious that we all have learned the Pebber Brown's statements.:-)

    p.s. Keep in mind that I'm italian ...sorry for my mistakes on writings.

  • Two Note Patterns, "THAT" And The TrillDateMon May 31, 2010 1:52 pm

    Hello plps I'm new here and this is my first post.I m following Pebber from 7 months now and finally signed for this forum:I ve seen Ur video and Ive found it very interesting:Ive benn working on it all the day and finally i got the fingering U use on the first simmetric scale on video.But I can t actually apply this tecnique to all my other patterns and scales.I would relly appreciate If U can explain me how to apply this to other scales.Probably a slower video can help me a lot to understand better.Anyway ....any way U can help me will be very appreciate.Really nice indian sounding:Im also a fan of Shakti and I can say it sound closer to that mood.Nice work man

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