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  • Ericjohnson/bonnamossa/ Eric gales runs?DateTue Jul 17, 2012 3:29 am

    I hear all three of these guys playing really fluid, fast lines that sound incredible. I would love to incorporate these types of runs into my playing, but I cannot figure out what they are doing. I would assume it would be pent atomic based, but it doesnt sound bluesy. Anyone know what I am talking about? What are these runs and How can I incorparate this into my playing?

  • Requires repitoreDateSun Jul 15, 2012 3:19 am

    I was wondering what excellent musicians like you guys would consider required repitoreI for rock guitar? What songs were you guys
    Learning when you were progressing? What songs do you consider obligatory to the aspiring rock guitarist? What are the best
    Rock guitar songs?

  • Using technique in a musical context?DateSun Jul 15, 2012 3:16 am

    I spend hours and hours on my technique. I am now finding it very difficult to incorporate any fast picking licks or sweep stuff or
    Legato passages into musical situations. I know the theory behind the notes and stuff, just cannot figure how to get the licks and
    Stuff to work in improve. How can I work on this?

  • Exposure to fast playing?DateSun Jul 15, 2012 3:12 am

    ask everyone on here what their earliest exposure to fast guitar playing was? What were a few of the first fast solos you learned?

  • Country and blues Standards?DateFri Apr 01, 2011 9:52 pm

    I have been doing a lot of jazz playing around in college and working on my repertoire. I have been learning standards like Take the A Train and ect. It made me think I needed to work on my repertoire in other styles too. I was wondering what one would consider the blues, country, and rock 'standards'?

  • trio songlist and help?DateTue Feb 22, 2011 6:34 pm

    What's up guys?

    I have started a three piece and we are having trouble getting a 3 set song list together. Our general audience can range anywhere from 18-50, so the music could be pretty varied. We need songs people enjoy hearing. Can anyone offer any song suggestions that go over well? Also, I play guitar and sing in this trio. Are there any pointers you could give in regards to making the trio song good and filling the space?
    Any overall advice would be excellent. Thanks!

  • My music...DateSat Oct 23, 2010 5:16 pm
    Forum post by Blayze. Topic: My music...

    Awesome bro. Both are very close...the solo is actually 100% accurate, I think. The intro starts with just a Gminor, instead of the dorian....However, I do like the dorian. I think its atually 356, 356 instead of 357. Very minor, but you may be right on the transcription....That was a one take, last minute thing...The song didn't have an intro, but we decided to do one, so I Just did it really quick... I do not think its that fast. The song is like 112. What does the intro clock in at? I am glad you dig the stuff. Pebber is the man, so take advantage of the resources he gives haha. You have excellent transcription skills. Why don't you just offer a transcription service? Shit, I would pay you to transcribe some stuff haha.

  • My music...DateWed Oct 20, 2010 3:23 pm
    Forum post by Blayze. Topic: My music...

    Awesome bro! tab the solo...I can't figure out what i played haha

  • new videoDateTue Sep 07, 2010 10:06 pm
    Forum post by Blayze. Topic: new video


    I like the teardrop picks too.

    The hercos are ok....

  • new videoDateTue Sep 07, 2010 9:21 pm
    Forum post by Blayze. Topic: new video

    I love the thumb picks. I generally use a Fred Kelly bumblebee, which is a jazz pick attached to a thumbpick mount. I am using a Hero Extra heavy in this video. They are ok, I can get pinch harmonics. I cannot wait til Broderick's pick clip comes out haha.

  • new videoDateTue Sep 07, 2010 2:08 am

    This is my update. Let me know what you think. What should I improve on or fix?

    I worked on the suggestions. This is a brand new video. It has some noodling, but the concept is there. What can I do to improve?

  • pick placement on a strat?DateFri Sep 03, 2010 12:46 am

    When playing single note lines(alternate picking, sweep picking) on a strat( 3 single coils) with a loose fist grip, i.e PAul Gilbert, is the pick in between the middle and neck pick ups or the middle and back pickup, or where? Thanks guys!


  • Warm up before show?DateSun Aug 29, 2010 5:01 am

    hey guys? I was wondering what you guys do for a quick warm up before a show? When I play, alot of the songs have technical parts and I do not have time to spend an hour getting it together. What you guys do for this problem? I wanna be able to play loose and to the best of my ability during the show.

  • How to approach reading a jazz chart?DateSat Aug 28, 2010 8:14 pm

    So I have been playing a lot of jazz lately for the college I am attending. I have never had any jazz guitarists to teach me or learn from. I can read the charts and I know all my 7ths, m7ths, major 7ths, and ect. I do not know all the 11th and #11 shapes and ect. How would I approach finding those shapes? Also, I do not know how to find the 'best' way to play a chart, I just find the position of the chord I know, which often requires alot of fretboard jumping. I also find that in fast bebop charts, it is difficult if not impossible to get to all the chords. Some of them seem like they are just 'passing chords' so to do you approach those? Thanks guys!!!


  • how to improve my picking?DateWed Aug 25, 2010 1:11 am

    I have been working on the alternate picking thing for several hours a day for a couple years now and just do not feel like I am improving. I must be doing something wrong. Here are two fairly recent videos of my playing that have some 'fast' picking stuff in them(a funk songs, and a metal song in 7/4). What can I do to fix or better my playing? What or how can I practice to improve? ... re=related
    My routine consists of single string picking(16ths and sextuplets)at various tempos, the Paul Gilbert lick at various tempos, sequences and scales, and some various exercises(steve morse stuff, licks from songs like Trilogy Suite, Sacrified, Technical difficulties). I just wanna know what I can do make my practice more effective and get results...Thanks guys!!!

  • My music...DateWed Aug 11, 2010 10:17 pm

    Hey guys!!! I just wanted to post a link to a few songs I recorded. I have two originals and two covers up. I am not selling the songs or anything. They are up for free, just wanted to know what everybody thought and what I should work on. Sarod picking in context haha.

    Thanks guys!!!

  • TuxGuitarDateSat Jun 05, 2010 2:13 am
    Forum post by Blayze. Topic: TuxGuitar

    I would love to the those tabs, Adam. Could you send them to me, by chance? I do not have logic pro...which saddens me a bit haha.

  • TuxGuitarDateThu Jun 03, 2010 10:26 pm
    Forum post by Blayze. Topic: TuxGuitar

    I just checked the site, I think I DO have the newest version. Its 1.2, right?

  • TuxGuitarDateThu Jun 03, 2010 10:01 pm
    Forum post by Blayze. Topic: TuxGuitar

    I have used that program for a while, as I own a mac. The only problems I have are that I do not like how the program notates triplets and etc. and It tends to leave out stuff like hammer ons, bends, pull offs and stuff. Good program though.

  • Strat guitars volume knob question?DateWed Jun 02, 2010 9:06 pm

    I find the volume knob on my strat gets in my way when playing. I use the relaxed-fist floating hand method as you can see in my vids and stuff. Does anyone else have this problem and if so how do you fix it?

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