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  • Guitar Instructors, Methods, and WebsitesDateTue May 23, 2017 6:44 am

    G'day Adam,

    I bought Scott Grove's full collection of lessons for about $35 during a sale last month. I have more than I need with Pebber's lessons, but it's always interesting to learn something new wherever i can. It's a lot of country guitar which i love, plus lessons on mandolin, ukulele, keyboards, bass and mountains other stuff. About 200 hours of lessons. Zero theory...all playing haha.

    As for Greg Howe, I haven't tried a Skype lesson with him yet but its on my to-do list. That money is currently being directed into savings for a 12 string Rickenbacker so I can embrace my inner Tom Petty.

    Cheers for your reply mate,

  • In my 2nd month. Right hand exercisesDateSun Feb 05, 2017 11:37 pm

    Looks great GuitarStyles88. Keep at it man. Nice guitar too. G'day Pebber, Hi Adam. Hey Farelli, LTNC bud :)

  • Guitar Instructors, Methods, and WebsitesDateFri Aug 26, 2016 8:30 pm

    have you ever checked out scott grove's groovy music lessons channel, Adam?
    he sells lessons via USB device and as far as I can tell he's a legit country/classic rock player.

    He seems like an interesting cat from the tone of his videos :D
    Do you have any opinion on his playing? Is he legit?

    I've also noticed that Greg Howe does private lessons via Skype which is something I'm curious about. His album "introspection" is on high rotation on my music player. I'd love to know how he does some of that shit!

  • New hereDateFri Aug 26, 2016 8:17 pm
    Forum post by Ivan. Topic: New here

    Hi Paulo,

    ladders and spiders gave me a lot of grief when I first started, especially using the ring and pinky pairing. The way I improved was to sit with my guitar in my hand in front of the tv and go super s-l-o-w-l-y. Put your metronome on 20 if you need to but it won't take long before you see some improvement. Welcome and happy practicing :)

  • Technique Videos From IvanDateTue Feb 09, 2016 8:22 pm
    Topic by Ivan. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Decided to post my exercise video submissions on here for feedback from my fellow guitar fanatics. I'm working on other stuff every day including covers so I'll post as go. Criticism/feedback much appreciated.

    Timing Exercises All Down/All Up, Alternate Picking (messed up on 9's/10s a few times)

  • Carvin GuitarsDateSun Jun 14, 2015 11:24 pm
    Topic by Ivan. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    Anyone ever tried the HH1/HH2 Holdsworth headless Carvin models?
    I like the look of them, and going by the online video reviews they have a great tone for distortion/lead guitar.
    I need a change of guitars and I'm thinking of selling off my tele,strat and schechter guitars to buy one HH2 Carvin and make that my main guitar for everything. Any feedback? Anyone out there own one? Ive never seen one here in Australia so I'm hoping some USA forum members might have had a chance to try them.

  • Hey CrazyFuu,

    We're neighbours! I'm just across the desert from you in WA. Always great to see another Aussie on here!
    Dividing time up between the modules and specific exercises: if I've got 3 hours, I spend the longest on the things I'm worse at. Right now I'm learning the Harmonic/Melodic Minors in position 1 in the CAGED system using incrementalism, but I'm also trying to spend time doing finger permutations because I suck at that. I do an hour of 1234/1243/1324/1342 up and down the neck, across the strings, plus 1-7 notes per beat while on each scale as I run through them. There's so much to learn, you're right! If you're stuck for how to practice or what to work on, just return to the source and watch PB's videos.
    You cant go wrong mate.

  • I wanted to introduce myself by IvanDateSat May 23, 2015 10:23 pm
    Blog comment

    hi richard,

    welcome to the forum!

  • Guitar picksDateFri Mar 27, 2015 8:27 pm
    Topic by Ivan. Forum: PB Guitarstudio FORUMS

    hey guys

    can someone remind me what's the brand of guitar picks PB uses? Is it DAVA or something else?
    I saw some comments in a youtube clip about picks but cant remember which one.

    I'm using the jazz stubby picks right now, either the blue tear drop fat ones or the thin red ones depending on the day but resources are limited here in the arse-end of the world so I'd like to order some new ones online to try out.

    Which picks does everyone else use right now?

  • let me introduce myselfDateTue Mar 10, 2015 10:08 pm
    Forum post by Ivan. Topic: let me introduce myself

    Welcome dehowe85,

    sounds like a lesson i had a while ago haha.

    Nice to meet you: see you in the forums!

  • A couple of questions from a noobDateTue Mar 03, 2015 7:20 pm

    Hi Ivan :)

    Very good reply from Ray so not much I can add.
    Personally I find that my practice sessions are mostly technique and I run through a list of exercises I want to improve eg ladders with ring finger and pinky, spiders etc. When I get up to make coffee or whatever, I usually run through a couple of songs quickly just to play music then it's back to technique.

    You'll notice over time that even playing old songs you know back to front will seem more fluid as the exercises take hold and your basic technique improves.

    Make no mistake: PB is the real deal and you WILL see improvement if you follow his instructions :)
    All the best with practice!

    great name btw

  • Hi, I'm new around here.DateMon Feb 16, 2015 1:35 am
    Forum post by Ivan. Topic: Hi, I'm new around here.

    Hi MusicalHair,
    nice to meet you :)

    Its definately a great place to discuss technique and get some encouragement with your progress.

    Looking forward to chatting with you!

  • CAGED system gets trashed by Tom HessDateFri Feb 13, 2015 12:30 am

    I discovered today that the 4th position arpeggio in Gmaj (10th fret) if played around with is the intro to Ein Kleiner Nachtmusik by Mozart... now I cant stop playing it! Its things like this that keep me up way too late at night wondering what other snippets of songs will appear just from rote learning finger patterns while watching youtube documentaries.

  • CAGED system gets trashed by Tom HessDateWed Feb 11, 2015 8:59 pm

    I find the CAGED system pretty fun to learn, but I'm a newbie so pretty much everything is exciting right now. Ive noticed when I'm learning the scales in the 5 positions I'll hear snippets of lots of songs I recognise, and especially for pentatonics. It's nice to hear that CAGED can get you far :)

  • CAGED systemDateWed Jan 28, 2015 3:09 am
    Forum post by Ivan. Topic: CAGED system

    nice work ray!

  • Article on Overcoming FrustrationDateTue Jan 20, 2015 5:05 pm

    Thats a really good article.

    The perfectionism part is my problem: I don't want to move onto the next scale until I can play it fast, back to front, starting from any position, in any sequences etc. Meanwhile at that rate I'll be learning CAGED in Gmaj for the next 20 years lol.

    My other problem is spending too much time practicing things I'm already good at. I warm up with stuff I can already play, then run through my routine which at the moment means I spend about 3.5 hours practicing shit I can already do, and only 30 mins learning new stuff. Think i'll reverse my practice routine so I start with the hard stuff, and spend the last 30 mins revising all the earlier things.

    Really good article man thanks for posting.

  • First video!DateSun Jan 18, 2015 8:41 pm
    Forum post by Ivan. Topic: First video!


    I find I can do them much easier if I don't skip a string first few times. You know how normally you go:

    1234 E
    1/3 B
    2/4 G

    I find for the first cycle it's much easier to go:

    1234 E
    1/3 B
    2/4 B
    1/3 G
    2/4 G

    Same as trills, I start on the 1st fret and go from Top E to Bottom E right up to at least 14 or 15th fret and back down a couple of times. I think trills and spider, along with the permutations and timing 1-9 drills will make us MUCH better guitarists. Its just a matter of being patient, because I want to go off and learn all these covers and write some music. For now its hour after hour of exercises and not much real music on the end of my bed watching documentaries on YouTube on my laptop haha. Anyone recommend anything interesting on Youtube to watch while I practice?


  • First video!DateSun Jan 18, 2015 5:33 pm
    Forum post by Ivan. Topic: First video!

    G'day mate,

    You're not the worst student on here lol. I'm sure there's much worse than you or me lurking on here haha :)
    Keep going with the spider exercises! I find them really difficult as well. We can encourage each other: two snails are better than one.

    Thats a pretty good deal for a guitar and mini amp combo. Fret buzz for me is normally due to my crap technique but I think others on the forums will have better advice about hardware than me.

    Keep practicing mate!
    Looks good

  • Few clips for review.DateSun Jan 18, 2015 11:56 am
    Forum post by Ivan. Topic: Few clips for review.

  • First video!DateSun Jan 18, 2015 11:39 am
    Forum post by Ivan. Topic: First video!

    looking good bro.
    let me know how you find the spider exercises. the 1324 is a bitch!
    nice guitar too.

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